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Project 4

Chiral Recognition Materials - Development and Evaluation of Zwitterionic and Mixed-Mode Chiral Stationary Phases for LC to Resolve Chiral Acids, Bases and Ampholytes

Supervisor: Prof. Wolfgang Lindner

Student: Stefanie Wernisch

Chiral stationary phases (CSPs) for HPLC represent essential tools in the assessment of stereochemical integrity of drugs and other chemical products. This project deals with the development of brush-type CSPs based on chiral low-molecular weight selectors which incorporate both acidic and basic functionalities for the enantiomer separation of charged compounds based on a multi-modal interaction mechanism. The zwitterion exchanger (ZWIX)-type CSPs are capable of separating acids and bases as well as amphoteric molecules such as amino acids and peptides. Our aim is to elucidate the chiral recognition increments that lead to enantiomer distinction on these CSPs and establish structure-enantioselectivity relationships especially for amino acids and peptides.

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