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O. Univ.-Prof. Dr. Johann Hermann Wolfgang Mulzer

Institute of Organic Chemistry


Mail: johann.mulzer@univie.ac.at
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Universität Wien
Institut für Organische Chemie
Währinger Straße 38
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Towards the Total Synthesis of the Anti-Malaria Drug Bielschowskysin.

Research focus:

Our research is focused on the total synthesis of structurally demanding and biologically interesting natural products, as we are deeply convinced that this is the core and the royal discipline of organic chemistry and that the international reputation of a chemical community crucially hinges on its achievements in total synthesis.

During the past decade we have prepared a number of highly competive target molecules such as kendomycin, branimycin, fawcettimine, platensimycin, platencin, penifulvins, valerenic acid among others.Currently we aim for the development of simple, reliable and short routes to complex and novel terpenes isolated from marine organisms (providencin, bielschowskysin, elisabethin A ) and complex alkaloids such as lemonomycin and cyanocycline suitable for anticancer therapy.

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