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Ao. Prof. Dr. Michael Widhalm

Institute of Organic Chemistry


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Universität Wien
Institut für Organische Chemie
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Chiral auxiliaries based on tartaric acid. Synthesis and application in asymmetric synthesis

Research focus:

  • Ligand Design
  • Phosphorus(III) Chemistry
  • Biaryl Synthesis
  • Asymmetric Catalysis

Our research interest includes synthesis of various chiral ligands and auxiliaries useful in asymmetric catalysis. While in the past most of the structures were based on the 1,1’-binaphthyl skeleton we now focus on auxiliaries derived from precursors from the chiral pool (tartaric acid, lactic acid) including also C3-symmetrical structures.

Project: Chiral Auxiliaries Based on Tartaric Acid

Within the PhD program a modular approach to  groups of mono-and bidentate structures (diamines, aminoalcohols, mono- and diphosphines, etc.) starting from tartaric acid is attempted, particularly those for which potential in asymmetric transformations can be expected.

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